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Every brand is unique, and so is your solution. We listen, adapt, and understand your needs to ensure a future as grand as your vision. We're not trying to be vain, but there's very little we can't create or help you with.

Redlaw Sauce

Redlaw, nestled in Colorado's Rocky foothills, crafts award-winning sauces using the finest local ingredients. Each bottle, handcrafted in small batches, promises unmatched, home-cooked flavor. Delve into our all-natural BBQ and Hot Sauces, blending sweet and spicy masterfully.
Recipe Development | Co-Packing

Lazo Empanadas

Lazo Empanadas aims to spark a global empanada craze, starting with you! Handcrafted pastries made from top-tier ingredients, they're perfect anytime, anywhere. From beef steak to our signature chimichurri sauce, savor the simplicity of delightful cuisine. Dive into the empanada movement!
Recipe Development | Co-Packing

Lifted Supreme

Lifted Supreme redefines relaxation with its THC-laden, non-alcoholic spirit. Merging lemon essence, pink grapefruit, and mandarin, it echoes a lemon drop shot's zest. Mix with carbonated drinks for a refreshing chill. Experience full-spectrum hemp's richness, feeling euphoric in mere minutes.
Recipe Development | Co-Packing


Vail's unique valley gifts Culinary by Cuvée rare ingredients like world-class lamb & pine nuts. Their dishes, rooted in White River's flora, offer Michelin-level Rocky Mountain cuisine. With Cuvée, experience top tables, from Rocky Mountain Raclette to Matsuhisa and Sweet Basil.
Recipe Development | Co-Packing

Ohana Kava Bar

Ohana Kava Bar, steeped in Polynesian tradition, offers tranquil kava beverages. Embracing 'Ohana'—family—they foster communal bonding. Trusting us, they co-developed their top-seller: the Kava Shot. Experience ancestral wisdom and modern flair in every calming shot.
Recipe Development | Co-Packing

Daddy's Homemade Syrup

Dannie, a dedicated dad, aimed for healthier breakfasts for his kids. After experimenting with all-natural syrup ingredients, his picky-eater daughter's approval signaled a win. Encouraged by family, his syrups gained popularity. From crafting labels to taste-tests, his children relished their role.
Recipe Development | Co-Packing

Sleepy Flamingo Gummies

Our Sleepy Flamingos was our project of 20223! We pulled our heads together here and made an absolute knockout (no pun intended) product for sleep. We're loving the feedback.
In-House Product | Recipe Development

Mountain Kick Mustard

This mustard, inspired by classic French recipes, offers a lively punch, enriched by a velvety consistency thanks to olive oil. It contains whole grains and stands out with a unique flavor, achieved through a special mixture of seasonings. Proudly crafted in Colorado.
Recipe Development | Co-Packing

Charlie Joe Chai

CharlieJoe Chai (CJC) is a Colorado-based beverage company specializing in chai tea. Inspired by the chai wallahs of India who serve up little cups of sophisticated deliciousness, CharlieJoe spent 20 years perfecting his signature blend of tea.
Recipe Development | Co-Packing
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