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Whether you're an established brand seeking a reliable partner, or a newcomer aiming to launch your product, we've got you covered. We adapt to your needs, ensuring your success at every step.

Research & Development

Innovative R&D: Let us help you explore new possibilities, improve your products, and stay ahead of market trends.

Temp Storage Available

Keep your products secure and ready for distribution with our reliable storage solutions.

Materials & Ingredients

We help you find top-tier materials and ingredients, balancing quality and cost efficiency.

Branding & Online Stores

Grow your online presence and strengthen your brand identity with our support in setting up and managing online storefronts.

Team Members

We’re like a family, quite literally

They say a company can only go as far as your people can take you. From the way we see it, we’ll be on the moon in no time.

Justin Chinchen

CEO & Founder

Kellie O'Brien


Ricky Martinez

Executive Director

Austin Maloy

Executive Chef

Past projects and clients we’re proud of helping

Every brand is unique, and so are our solutions. We listen, adapt, and understand your needs to ensure a future as grand as your vision.

Charlie Joe Chai

CharlieJoe Chai (CJC) is a Colorado-based beverage company specializing in chai tea. Inspired by the chai wallahs of India who serve up little cups of sophisticated deliciousness, CharlieJoe spent 20 years perfecting his signature blend of tea.
Recipe Development | Co-Packing

Mountain Kick Mustard

This mustard, inspired by classic French recipes, offers a lively punch, enriched by a velvety consistency thanks to olive oil. It contains whole grains and stands out with a unique flavor, achieved through a special mixture of seasonings. Proudly crafted in Colorado.
Recipe Development | Co-Packing


Gainful products contain everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Transparent personalization means their products are always detailed out to the milligram for your peace of mind. That's why Gainful trusts us here at Custom-C. Consistency is key!
Emergency Runs | Co-Packing

Loved by our customers

Hear it straight from those who've worked with us. Their success is our greatest reward.

You all should know!! You are truly helping us!! There is so much to know and learn - but you have made it easy to understand!

Thank you so much for letting me know how appreciated you feel as we definitely want you to know that we do value you and all you have offered us!

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant
Customer Feedback

...made it possible for me to take my product idea from concept to labled test batch FDA approved, 'shelf ready' in 2 weeks flat. He's got this bottled product industry nailed down & he made my job easy with all if his connections that he sent me to.

Anthony Prichard
Google Review

Justin and all the employees are friendly when I've visited to pick up.  The good news is that I can now find their sauces it in almost every supermarket I visit.  If you get a chance, my favorite sauce is the Blueberry Ghost Pepper BBQ sauce, slather some of that on your ribs and go to town.  

Matt the Label Guy
Google Review

Love your inspirational promise to give back to animals! I wish every company did this!

B True
Google Review

“You don’t know - what you don’t know”  would be a good description of our company getting started. Even though I had an amazing chai recipe I had been perfecting for 20 years, I just didn’t know how to scale it up for the masses.

Charlie Joe Chai
Client feedback

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